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Our flagship Rawsome Dogs Store is now open! 

Rawsome Dogs is dedicated exclusively to offering wholesome raw food diets. We offer a variety of affordable raw meal plans for dogs and cats made of only the highest quality all natural products. Contact us today or stop in for more information!

Remember, science is not better than nature. When man changes things from their natural state to increase profits, the food is no longer 'real.' It becomes a man made imitation....

Rawsome Dog's Updates

Big changes will be happening soon here at Rawsome Dogs! We will be offering monthly promotions and online shopping on select items made fresh in our store. Check back for updates! 

Featured Rawsome Dogs and testimonials

Take a peek at our gallery of healthy and happy raw-fed pals and find out what their owners have to say! Don't forget to send us your pets personal story for a chance for your dog to become a Rawsome Dog!

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Rawsome Dog's Products

Our mission is to help dog owners provide healthier, longer lives for their pets! Our products offer a holistic selection that will keep their tails wagging with 100% all natural, grain-free and preservative free meal choices. We offer a wide variety of meats, fish, meaty bones, dehydrated treats, and specialty items made fresh in our store.

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